Domain Athletics Centre - Site License   17/03/2019 - 10:36 PM
2019 COLES Tasmanian Track&Field Championships - 15/03/2019 to 
                 Doman Athletic Centre, Hobart                 
Event 116  Women Hammer Throw Open
State Record: * 63.15m  25/05/2017  Danielle McConnell, ES     
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Emma Werner               92 Victoria (Eureka)       46.54m
      43.36m  41.37m  46.54m  45.40m  46.34m  X                
  2 Julia Direen              01 Old Virgilia            44.15m
      40.14m  42.34m  42.82m  43.92m  44.15m  41.17m           
  3 Rachel Hosie              02 Eastern Suburbs         40.87m
      X  40.87m  X  X  X  X                                    
  4 Emily Canham              99 Uni of Tas AC           39.65m
      36.17m  37.14m  38.52m  38.53m  X  39.65m                
  5 Keeley Burns              03 Eastern Suburbs         33.41m
      33.41m  30.49m  32.14m  29.76m  28.43m  30.91m           
  6 Cathy McKeown             69 Uni of Tas AC           28.64m
      28.64m  X  X  X  X  X                                    
  7 Sarah Direen              94 Old Virgilia            20.14m
      18.59m  18.83m  19.55m  20.14m  19.65m  19.91m           
  8 Nic Burns                 74 Eastern Suburbs         18.83m
      18.05m  18.14m  17.02m  17.55m  18.83m  17.87m