Domain Athletics Centre - Site License   17/03/2019 - 10:37 PM
2019 COLES Tasmanian Track&Field Championships - 15/03/2019 to 
                 Doman Athletic Centre, Hobart                 
Event 254  Men Discus Throw Open
State Record: * 61.77m  18/05/2005  Graham Hicks, NW           
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Huw Peacock               92 Uni of Tas AC           40.20m
      6.79m  40.20m  X  39.33m  X  X                           
  2 Liam Shelton              01 Uni of Tas AC           34.19m
      34.18m  33.75m  34.19m  33.53m  33.97m  32.51m           
  3 Simon Calvert             90 Eastern Suburbs         32.83m
      X  30.19m  32.83m  30.11m  30.15m  31.50m                
  4 Michael Brideson          68 Uni of Tas AC           23.85m
      23.85m  21.99m  23.06m  20.69m  21.79m  22.93m