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                   State SATIS Carnival - 22/03/2024                   
                        Domain Athletics Centre                        
Event 4  Boys Javelin Throw 700gm Open
 Meet Record: M 67.36m  2001        Steven Youd, GYC                   
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Points
  1 Oliver Atkins                SOC                     51.74m        
      47.46m  51.74m  48.73m                                           
  2 Mac Wilcox                   LCG                     47.75m        
      47.75m  45.01m  47.25m                                           
  3 Alex Zegveld                 SPC                     43.34m        
      43.34m  41.38m  41.85m                                           
  4 Jade Clark                   GYC                     33.86m        
      X  31.88m  33.86m                                                
  5 Tommy Bennett                THE HUTCHINS SCHOOL     33.44m        
      27.16m  33.44m  28.89m                                           
  6 Theo Collins                 MRC                     32.45m        
      29.22m  32.45m  31.38m                                           
  7 Might Ebo                    ST VIRGIL'S COLLEGE     30.06m        
      30.06m  X  17.91m                                                
  8 Bailey Shead                 MACKILLOP COLLEGE       26.92m        
      20.65m  22.20m  26.92m                                           
  9 Charlie Bradford             THE FRIENDS' SCHOOL     26.56m        
      26.56m  23.77m  25.50m