Domain Athletics Centre - Site License                 23/03/2024 - 4:10 PM
                     State SATIS Carnival - 22/03/2024                      
                          Domain Athletics Centre                           
Event 113  Boys Long Jump Pit 2 Under 15
 Meet Record: M 6.89m  1985        Albert Juhasz, SOC                       
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind Points
  1 Oolikirra Sands              MACKILLOP COLLEGE        5.45m   NWI       
     5.32m(NWI) 5.44m(NWI) 5.45m(NWI)                                       
  2 William Pointon              MRC                     J5.45m   NWI       
     4.59m(NWI) X      5.45m(NWI)                                           
  3 Piers Nicholls               LCG                      5.18m   NWI       
     4.98m(NWI) 5.18m(NWI) 5.01m(NWI)                                       
  4 Hugh Daly                    SOC                      4.95m   NWI       
     4.87m(NWI) 4.95m(NWI) 3.71m(NWI)                                       
  5 Max Fuglsang                 THE HUTCHINS SCHOOL      4.89m   NWI       
     4.78m(NWI) 4.89m(NWI) 4.64m(NWI)                                       
  6 Will Godfrey                 DOMINIC COLLEGE          4.73m   NWI       
     4.73m(NWI) 4.68m(NWI) 4.13m(NWI)                                       
  7 Joshua Wilson                ST VIRGIL'S COLLEGE      4.67m   NWI       
     4.51m(NWI) 4.67m(NWI) 4.25m(NWI)                                       
  8 Rupert Mullins               SHC                      4.59m   NWI       
     4.52m(NWI) 4.39m(NWI) 4.59m(NWI)                                       
  9 Lincoln Penney               ST ALOYSIUS COLLEGE     J4.59m   NWI       
     4.59m(NWI) 4.39m(NWI) 4.49m(NWI)                                       
 10 Eli Swan                     THE FRIENDS' SCHOOL      4.49m   NWI       
     X      4.49m(NWI) X                                                    
 -- Theo Powell                  BSC                        DNS   NWI       
 -- Jhy Triffett                 SPC                        DNS   NWI       
 -- Hamish Hawes                 EASTSIDE LUT               DNS   NWI